These crimp hose ends from Aeroquip are lightweight and feature an easy-to-use construction. Their one-piece design allows for improved flow and eliminates two potential leak points (brazed joints). Fitting is swivel design. Finish is natural and red anodized alum. Fitting is new and never used. We have one of these fittings. RBS had an engine builder customer retire and traded in a whole box o...
Save!!! Save!!! Save!!!!! Deals like this are great for the racer when another customer trades in brand new parts in the package and you get to save a pile of cash to buy more parts for your hot rod. The Marine Rev Control will protect your engine from over-revving caused by flying the hull, prop cavitation or broken drive train. The MSD Soft Touch drops spark, one cylinder at a time and then f...
Brand new Duralast Platinum Car Battery 34-AMG. Top post, Cold Crank Amps 740 Cranking Amps 925, Amp Hour 60AH, BCI Group Size 34, Reserve Capacity 115mins (minimum). 3 year warranty. Dimensions: height 197 mm - 7 3/4 in, length 242 mm - 9 1/2 in, width 171 mm - 6 11/16 in. Weight 39.01lbs. 12volt. Original price of $189.99 @ AutoZone.
Lexus Part No.: 87910-0E261-E0 This RH Rear View Mirror is from a 2017 Lexus. The base (see comments below for extra pictures) broke. The entire mirror and accessories are in perfect condition, but the base needs to be replaced. This particular mirror replacement sells from $1000.00 on up. If you can fix the base and need this, selling for $200.00
Spoiler is off of a 2001 Mustang GT
Original radio out of a 2006 Toyota Tundra SR5 Double Cab. Should fit either Toyota Tundras or Toyota Sequoias of that generation model. Perfect condition with no modifications. Replaced it with an upgrade. See photos for details. Radio number A51804. Model number 86120-0C100. Reference number CQ-JT1261X. Serial number MX268226.
When it comes to making stainless braided hoses on your race car there is no compromise for the correct tools. Time consuming and dirty to use a cut off wheel, hacksaw forget about it. These shear-type cutters will allow cutting of 1.375" in diameter stainless or nylon braided hose with one simple close of the blades. Cuts are clean, straight, quick and ready to slide the fitting nut on when do...
For the racer that builds lots of race engines or race cars here is some handy fire protectant sleeve that has a 1.00" inside diameter to slide over important hoses or wires to protect them in the event of a fire or run in an area where there could be some rubbing. Rugged, heat resistant silicone covered fiberglass sleeve. Protects from heat, oil, fuel, and abrasion. Fuel/oil lines or wiring wi...
RBS carries a complete line of Clevite bearings for your race engine. Lower rod bearings are sold in rack of thirty which is very handy in the tuning process of your race engine. The Clevite 77 design incorporates the strength of a copper-lead layer on a precision steel back and finally, a precision electroplated thin overlay of babbitt material only .0005' - .0008' thick. RBS is proud to offer...
145 tooth 11mm GT blower belt. This belt is made of Kevlar and carbon construction and uses 11mm cord construction which will provide the most in strength for your blown application. It is 3.375" wide and is the 11mm GT tooth profile. The length is 62.795" long. RBS now carries the new red Nitro belt by Gates in the popular 1595 size.. RBS SUPERCHARGERS. 12299 Loma Rica Dr Grass Valley, CA 9594...
Check out this perfect "Pit Wrench" by LSM. Ultra strong design which makes it more rigid than other wrenches which enables the jaws to stay more parallel and reduce deflection under higher loads. The design gives it more torque so you can get it tighter on the fitting and allows it to lock down. If that is not enough the features keep coming, check out the belt loop hook which allows you to ca...
-12 braided hose, fifty eight foot roll. Don't trust cheap knock offs this is genuine CPE race hose. What is CPE you may ask well it is chlorinated polyethylene inner lining that allows all race fuels and oil to be run thru it with no issues. The outer braid that covers the hose is made from durable stainless steel to protect from heat and abrasion. RBS had an engine builder customer retire and...
Rugged, heat resistant silicone covered fiberglass sleeve for your plug wires. Protects from heat up to 650 degrees, oil, fuel, and abrasion. Solid core plug wires will last practically forever when covered with this stuff. A 25' roll is enough to cover your plug wires from top to bottom. Blue in color with the Moroso Blue Max logo on the outside. To install the shield simply slide over the wir...
Camper shell that fits a small pickup truck. Dimensions are 60"w x 76"l x 20"h. In great condition. Back has a lock and windows are shaded. Came off a 2010 Toyota Tacoma.
My name is Anthony I run Fab Motors in Colfax CA. I build a wide rang of racing engines. I build a lot of BBC engines. All of my engines are build to order so you can have the motor exactly how you want it. Give us a call for a quote at 925 330 0545. Colfax, CA 95713 (925) 330-0545
356 741 transmission front cover Number 741 301 301 03.
Complete differential for 901 with ring gear , no flanges
356/912 crankshaft gear.
Used 10.70" deck Indy BBC Big Chief competition blower manifold. This blower manifold is state of the art and has many added features that the racing industry has needed for years. It has a raised up plenum to allow for EFI port nozzle clearance and allows for longer runner length to give each port a equal amount of air and fuel. Manifold is machined for a boost gauge, boost computer sensor, an...
For the person building a 10.60" deck Big Chief headed engine today is your lucky day. Customer built this intake to be used with 14 or 18 degree cylinder heads, running a PSI screw blower with EFI injection. Engine combination went another direction and intake was traded in. This intake would be over $3500.00 new so if this can be used for your project grab it before it is gone. This intake fi...
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